Coffee School 100 Level

Our 100-level Coffee School is a 4-week-long, comprehensive introduction to the coffee industry. Each 3-hour session is a balanced mix of lecture and hands-on training, covering a wide range of topics including the history of coffee, espresso theory, and latte art. The goal of the class is not only to give our students a broad overview of the world of coffee, but also to develop in them practical, foundational skills that will be useful during their entire coffee journey.

We initially designed this class with industry professionals in mind -- in fact, it’s the same class that each of our D&W baristas is required to attend -- but our coffee enthusiast friends loved it so much that we decided to offer it to everyone. If you are a professional or enthusiast seeking to broaden, refine, or begin your coffee education, Coffee School 100 is a fantastic place to start.

Coffee School 100 takes place over four weeks, with one 3-hour session each week.  Each session takes place at our Beaverton Tasting Room from 2:30-5:30pm.  The session topics, as well as the included reading materials, are detailed below:

    Week 1: Tasting, Flavor, and Evaluation

            Reading – Coffee History

    Week 2: Brewed Coffee

            Reading – Species, Varietal, and Geography

    Week 3: Espresso Theory

            Reading – Farms and Processing

    Week 4: Milk Steaming and Latte Art

            Reading – Roasting

If you don’t have time for the full 4 week long Coffee School, then join us the last Saturday of each month for a 6 hour Condensed Course where we cover the highlights of Coffee School 100 level in one day. Classes are designed with avid consumers and beginning coffee enthusiasts who want a complete look at the entire industry.

Price: $150 per individual class, $450 for the entire 4-week course or $250 for the condensed course.  For your convenience, use the following link to register:

Brewing Basics Class

Our Brewing Basics class is an informative and *~super fun~* class where we we brew (and you taste!) the same coffee across five different methods: 

an automatic drip coffee maker,
a French press
an Aeropress,
a Kalita Wave pour-over,
and as espresso.

Our goal is that you leave with a better understanding of each brew method, why someone might choose that particular brew method, and which method is best for you! We'll also hook you up with a sample bag of coffee, tips for brewing your own at home, and a discount on brewing equipment. Plus you get to hang out and drink coffee for an hour! It doesn't get much better! ...all for $15/person!

Space is limited to 10 people. The class is held at the Dapper & Wise Tasting Room (2384 NW Amberbrook Drive, Beaverton, OR) at 3pm on Saturday. Here's the link to register: