We’ve designed our wholesale program to be a mutually beneficial partnership with quality coffee and relationships at the heart. Here are a few things that set us apart:



We have a robust education program that we invite all of our wholesale clients to participate in. We are willing and happy to share any knowledge we have with you, whether that be through hands-on or online training, public or private coffee cuppings, or via email or phone.


We offer competitive pricing, installation, and service on a wide range of espresso machines, grinders, and coffee equipment. We also offer custom espresso machines through our sister company, Workhorse Customs.


We source high-quality coffees and roast them to be as delicious and sweet as they can possibly be. With our robust quality control program and frequent client check-ins, we work so our coffee tastes as good in your environment as it does at our roastery.


You will notice that this one does not start with an E like all of the others. Why? It’s simple: the word “fun” starts with an F and not an E. That’s just the way it works. If you started “fun” with an E it would be “eun” and that honestly does not make sense at all and we will not be using that word here.

Fun is a really big part of our business and a really big part of having a good time in life. We want you to love our coffee and the resources we offer, but we really want you to enjoy working with us and drinking our coffee every day.


Our goal in wholesale is the same as it is company-wide: we’re not here just to “make a sale,” but to help our customers experience delicious coffee and friendly service. If you are looking to serve our coffee in your café, store, or office we would love to hear from you. Tell our Director of Wholesale a little about your company and how we can help you achieve your goals.

Aubrey Mills
Director of Wholesale